Thursday, July 12, 2012

Jennings Strouss Foundation Supports “Leap into Learning” Book Drive

Jennings, Strouss & Salmon, PLC, a leading Phoenix-based law firm, is pleased to announce that the JS Foundation selected Gateway Elementary School in the Creighten School District to be the recipient of its "Leap into Learning" book drive, which was held for four weeks during March and April. The drive served two purposes: 1) provide books to assist in the development of reading skills for first graders and 2) present the school's library with a wide range of classic and popular books to be enjoyed by all students.

The first component of the drive involved working with a first grade teacher to determine which books were needed for her 26 students. Presented with titles covering three reading levels, the Foundation's goal was to purchase enough books so that the students would have their own copy to read in class and then take home to share with their families.

The second component of the drive rallied the support of the Jennings Strouss personnel to purchase new books for the school library from a "wish list" provided by the librarian. A "Leap into Learning" collage was displayed in two of the firm's common areas, with the book titles written on paper frogs. Participants were able to choose which book they wanted to purchase by pulling the designated frog off the wall. They could also opt to make a cash donation.

The drive was a huge success! Thanks to the overwhelming support of the firm's personnel, the 26 first graders received their own book at their reading level and the library was presented with 74 new books, bringing the total donation to 100 books!
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